Fédération de Squash Luxembourgeoise



Squash made its first appearance in Luxembourg during the 1960s.

Introduced by certain Luxembourgers, notably Colette Flesch and Marc Meyer, who discovered the sport in the USA.

With the help of a squash fanatic, Francis Hoogewerf, the first court was established in a warehouse in Findel which had the exact dimensions of a court. A club was formed and the inauguration of the court took place in 1972. Squash became established, and with a strong British following, a new club was formed (Squash d’Or) and four courts were built at Cloche d’Or.


The “Fédération” was formed in 1973 and is affiliated with the COSL (Comité Olympique et Sportif Luxembourgeois) and international organizations ESRF (European Squash Rackets Federation) and the WSF (World Squash Federation).

FSL Presidents
1973-1981 Meyer, Marc
1981-1983 Mackeever, Dermott
1983-1985 Clarke, Chris
1985-1989 Senior, John
1989-2010 Kieffer, Georges
2010-2015 Kaiser, Steve
2015-2016 Have, Jess
2016-2020 Bidoli, Adriano
2020-2023 Daniel Verhoeven
2023- Guillaume Plancke

The Federation is responsible for the organization of the national championships, the Luxembourg cup, ranking, licenses and organization of the national team.

In 1998, 380 men and 80 ladies were licensed with the FSL of which Luxemburgers counted for approx. 30%.

27 different nationalities were represented.