Fédération de Squash Luxembourgeoise

ENCC 2010 – Day 3 – playoff 7th – 8th place

Luxembourg – Monaco 2-1

Stéphane Ayache – Jérôme Gobert 3-0

Danny Hutchines – Christian Billard 0-3

Daniel Kaiser – Nicolas de Gaillan 2-11 11-4 11-4 11-7

The match of this tie surely was Daniel’s. In fact the two other matches were quickly done with, as Stéphane played solid rock squash, and dispatched Monaco’s number 3 easily.

Then Danny had to play against Christian: Danny looked more and more tired, didn’t find the right answers, and lost 3-0.

Daniel’s game was the decider: he came on court, ready for a big push, and fought really hard. After losing  the first game 11-2, he made his opponent work more and more, and Daniel found some amazing angles, finding the nick quite often. Best shot surely was game ball in the 3rd, which Daniel finished in stlye with an beautiful nick!

The last one was pretty close until 7 all, but then Daniel wrapped it up to win the match!

This means that we finish as 7th. This is a quite good results, especially considering this tournament as a preparation for the Mini-Olympics in Liechtenstein: in fact we finished ahead of Monaco, Malta and Liechtenstein!

At 5pm the final will be Ukrania against Serbia (the team that beat us in the quarterfinal). This will be a very interesting game, and we expect to see some excellent squash, as both the Ukranian and Serbian number ones are the best players here at this tournament!

The organization here was absolutely perfect, the food very good, and the facilities very nice! So a big compliment to the polish organizers for having this nice event!


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