Fédération de Squash Luxembourgeoise

ETC 2012 – Day 4

Luxembourg finishes 4th

After losing for the 2nd time of the tournament against Norway, Luxembourg finishes at a good 4th place! Ukraine wins with a 4-0 victory against Poland, and here are the other final positions: 3rd Norway, 4th Luxembourg, 5th Croatia, 6th Gibraltar, 7th Malta, 8th Cyprus, 9th Turkey, 10th Lithuania.


Luxembourg – Norway 0-4

Sanjay RAVALKim Are KILLINGBERG  6-11 6-11 3-11
Niall WOODGERKristian SOLHAUG  10-12 8-11 6-11
Daniel KAISER – Ronny AASBø 6-11 7-11 4-11
Daniel HUTCHINESEdvard HEGBOM 11-9 9-11 11-9 10-12 6-11


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