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Black Knight Series Standings #6

EXCLUSIVE: New Floors at Mont-Saint-Martin!!!
That’s right…the hosts of the ‘Open de Squash de Mont-Saint-Martin’ (Black Knight Series #6) have just replaced the ‘parquet’ and ‘tin’ on both of their courts. The new flooring should make a significant impact to the style of play there and the home players may well need to adapt their game before the MSM Open begins!

And more good news…there will now be a prize awarded to the highest placed lady in the Black Knight Series. With just two events remaining, there are 7 female competitors who have played three Series events thus far and have a chance of winning this new category….subject to playing both remaining tournaments, naturally. The FSL and Black Knight hold the utmost respect for the strong characters and determination of all Luxembourg female players who participate in the FSL Championship, Cup and tournaments which are all mixed events. WELL DONE LADIES.
It’s not just the ladies that have something ‘extra’ to play for either. Filip‘s lead at the top of the Standings has dropped from 50 to 32 due to a solid draw win for Jordi Ruiz of Angels. Additionally, there are 4 players currently in the top 10 who have played 4 out of the 5 Series events to date. As the final Black Knight Series Placings will be based on a players best 5 performances they effectively have a tournament in hand! By the same rationale there are a further 7 players in the top 25 who have 2 tournaments in hand; Christopher Votion, already registered for Series #6 and presently seeded No. 1, is certainly a threat to all those above him.
There is still time to subscribe to the ‘Open de Squash Mont-Saint-Martin’ that starts at 1300 on Labour Day, Friday 1st May 15. Great atmosphere, healthy competition, a friendly bar and BBQ….and now with new flooring!
The current Series Standings can be viewed via the link below as well as the “Black Knight Series Rules”. If you would like to find out more about Black Knight please have a chat with Chris at BK Series #6 or contact him by email, mvp-sports@outlook.com.

Black Knight Series Standing

Black Knight Series Rules

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