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ETC 2009 – Malmo

The European Team Championships took place in Malmo (Sweden), from April 28th – May 2nd. Luxembourg participated with both a Men’s Team (Nathan Sneyd, Sanjay Raval, Danny Hutchines, Stéphane Ayache and Daniel Kaiser), and a Women’s team (Sandra Denis, Claudia Mich, Françoise Donven).
The men’s team were seeded 18 (27 seven teams participating), and the women were unseeded, as they didn’t play last year.
After beating Russia and Greece, the women finished at the 19th place (21 teams competing).
The men’s team finished just below their seeding, at the 20th position, leaving countries like Norway, Greece, Ukraine, Gibraltar, Poland, Russia and Latvia behind them!

Results of the Women’s team:

Luxembourg – Austria 0-3
Luxembourg – Scotland 0-3
Luxembourg – Poland 1-2
Luxembourg – Russia 3-0
Luxembourg – Greece 2-


Results of the Men’s Team:

Luxembourg – Norway 3-1
Luxembourg – Finland 0-4
Luxembourg – Austria 0-4
Luxembourg – Czech Republic 0-4
Luxembourg – Russia 3-1
Luxembourg – Israel 0-4
Luxembourg – Slovenia 1-3

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