Fédération de Squash Luxembourgeoise

ENCC 2010 – Day 2 – Quarterfinal

Luxembourg – Serbia  1-2

Daniel Kaiser – Ivan Djordjevic  6-11 6-11 3-11

Daniel Hutchines – Dennis Drenjovski 3-11 4-11 1-11

Marcel Kramer – Dejan Skrbic 11-5 11-4 

First on court is Daniel Kaiser. He’s facing his toughest opponent yet, and despite doing everything he can, his opponent had the right answers, kept Daniel under pressure and won the third game 11-3, to win the match 3-0!

So, Danny Hutchines now has the pressure on him to win the next game….The first game unfortunately was quickly over: Danny tinned 7 shots while trying to go short, and lost the game 3-11. The next two games went quite the same way, and Danny quickly lost 3-0 as well.

In the dead rubber game, played best of 3, Marcel Kramer won against Dejan Skrbic.

Tomorrow we’ll have 2 more games, now playing for the 5th to 8th place!

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