Fédération de Squash Luxembourgeoise

ENCC 2010 – Day 2

Luxembourg – Poland 2

Daniel Kayser – Lukasz Nitka 11-9 11-5 11-1
Daniel Hutchines – Kanil Domaniak 11-4 12-10 11-7
Stéphane Ayache – Tomasz Abramowski 11-8 16-18 11-7 12-10
Today, the playing order is 2-1-3, so first on court are the number 2 players.
Solid squash by Daniel, he is winning the first game 11-9. Daniel continued by taking the ball early, volleying a lot, and putting his opponent under pressure by playing good lengths. Daniel wins 3-0!

Daniel Hutchines dominated throughout the whole game, and won it convincingly 3-0.

Last game of the pool stage was Stéphane playing against Tomasz Abramowski. This was the best game of this morning, as Tomasz played a solid game. Especially the second game was epic, with Stéphane losing it 16-18! Also the 4th game was a tight one, both players playing great shots, and retrieving almost anything! Fortunately for us, Stéphane won it 12-10.

So this is another 3-0 victory for Luxembourg, which means that we will play the quarterfinal this afternoon at 5 against Serbia. Serbia almost won against the first seeded Ukrania yesterday, so we have to expect a tough encounter!



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