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Making history in Luxembourg Squash:

What a great moment in the History of Luxembourgish Squash! After an excruciating wait on the decision of the COSL, we can finally give a huge congratulations to our two Players Elisenda Ruiz-Kaiser and Amir Samimi, who have been selected for the Cadre Promotionel du COSL!

All the work has paid off! We are so proud!

A big thank you goes to the parents, the coaches (national coaches Bertrand Tissot and Luca Visona), to their clubs, G Squash Club and Squash club Sandweiler, the Ministry of Sports, and the Sport Lycée Luxembourg ! Thank you to everyone who has helped along their journey (too many to mention all)! We can’t wait to see what their future in squash will bring!

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Prix d’excellence for Raphael !

What a moment! Yesterday, Raphael was one of three students to receive the “Prix d’excellence” from the Sport Lycee. This prize is given to students in recognition for his engagement in the so-called “Dual Career”, Education & Squash! We hope you all join us in congratulating him and wishing hime the best for both his excellent education and athletic demonstrations. Well done!!

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WSF World Juniors and Masters Squash Events August 2022.

August is coming to an end with some national squash highlights to report:

This years World Juniors Tournament saw our young National Player Raphaël Magron step up to the challenge during the 6 day event in Nancy, France. We wish him a huge congratulations for his great performance, especially for his game against Alex Kelar from the Czech Republic, whom Raphaël beat 11-9 in the gruelling 5th game!

Here some highlights of the event: World Juniors 2022

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The World Masters 2022 held in the phenomenal Hasta la Vista Center in Poland was visited by none other than the FSL President Daniel Verhoeven and the National Coach Bertrand Tissot. Both having played some great matches and gained some insightful experience during this event.

For those of you interested here some highlights: World Masters 2022

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Hope all are ready for the Upcoming Season! Happy Squashing!

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